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Are we nearly there yet? – Ben Hatch

A chance to enjoy some quality time with your partner and children, clocking up 8,000 miles on a UK tour – with free accommodation and a huge amount of attractions thrown in, all financed by a leading guide book publisher? … Continue reading

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Am I old enough to read this?

No, this isn’t about that over-hyped EL James book that you only need one hand to read, but the newly re-stoked reading row regarding age classification of books. Ex-vicar, ex-policeman, ex-roadie and exorcist (or outspoken self-publicist, depending on your point … Continue reading

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Catching the sun – Tony Parsons

I guess the best fiction takes you on a journey, and in the case of Catching the Sun, Tony Parsons has you making an 8,500 mile trek to Phuket, Thailand. Not to an all-inclusive honeymoon-friendly world of five-star travel though, … Continue reading

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The Wedding Present – Valentina (Scopitones, 2012)

I don’t suppose you’ll ever get a truly unbiased review from this scribe for a new release from The Wedding Present, a band that have played a fairly pivotal part in my life these last 25 years. Besides, what started … Continue reading

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Shadows in the sky by Pete Cross

It’s a sure sign of a great read when you finish the last page and go right back to the start again … and that’s exactly how it is with Pete Cross’ Shadows in the Sky. Look along my book … Continue reading

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The Subways – Manchester, The Ritz (May 8th, 2012)

There’s always been something about the notion of a three-piece band and how unexpectedly powerful such a stripped-down unit can be. Forget all the added extras. All you really need is bass, guitar and drums. The Jam are an obvious … Continue reading

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Super sonik flight with Weller … again

In which Malcolm gives his own slant on the latest Paul Weller chart-topper, in a week that saw the Woking wonder back on our screens for a brand new series of  Later with Jools Holland. From the moment thumping bass … Continue reading

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Apprehensive scribbler joins the world of blog

OK, I’ve put it off a long time, but this interweb thingy doesn’t appear to be going away and it’s finally time for me to join the wider web world. On this here space, I aim to give my own spin … Continue reading

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